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Guardians: Zofia and Wojciech Mickunas with their daughters Barbara and Bogna

A soldier, a rider, a teacher, a trainer. Knight of the Virtuti Militari. Vice-champion of Poland in Three Days’ Event, Warsaw 1934. 


Born in Kazimierza Mała, Pińczów district, Kieleckie voivodship on 20 April 1907. Died on November 2, 1973 in Poznań. He was buried in Stare Powązki in Warsaw (section e, row 5, grave 5).

Jan Kazimierz Mickunas was a son of Kazimierz and Marianna Stanisława from Rayski family. Mickunas family came from Lithuania and Rayski family had an estate at Kielce region. At first, the Mickunas lived in Ojców in Olkusz district. Jan Mickunas began his education at his family home under the direction of his father who was a teacher; since 1917, he attended the grammar-school in Kielce. When his father died, Mickunas was taken by his uncle to Sosnowiec wherein he passed high school finals at humanistic National Grammar School named after Bolesław Prus.

On 01 September 1924, Jan Mickunas joined up Polish Army and was incarnated to the Cadet School in Warsaw to finish it with a very good result and the first place as a top student of the class in June 1925. (…)

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Author: Renata Urban
Fragments of the book entitled ‘Jeźdźcy-olimpijczycy Drugiej Rzeczypospolitej’

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„Sport jeździecki w broniach konnych II Rzeczypospolitej” (1974) – Zygmunt Bielecki

„Jeźdźcy-Olimpijczycy Drugiej Rzeczypospolitej” fragmenty – Renata Urban

Jan Mickunas on the training ground at CWK in Grudziądz in 1937.
Horse competitions at the 10th anniversary of the 2nd Grochowski Regiment in Suwałki.
Second-lieutenant Jan Mickunas jumps over the obstacle. 1928.
Jan Kazimierz Mickunas – equestrian competition in Warsaw’s Łazienki Park.