Honorary Patron: Urszula and Jerzy Białobok, Alina Sobieszak, Anna Stojanowska,
Magda and Marek Trela


Guardian: Araby Magazine

A highly esteemed world-class authority in the field of Arabian horse breeding. Together with Alina Sobieszak, she established Araby Magazine.


She was born in Warsaw in 1937. She died on 27 March 2015. She was buried at Brudnowski Cemetery.

Ms Alicja Sobieszak remembers Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka as follows.

“Izabella Pawelec-Zawadzka died 6 years ago but she did not left us – we often remember her as well as her opinions and articles, we often publish her photos whereon she is with her beloved Arabian horses and many friends whom she had worldwide.

I had honour and pleasure to collaborate with Iza during my work in Animex and later, when her dream came true and she caused issue a magazine devoted to Arabian horses – in 2006, a quarterly “Araby” (Arabian Horses) broke into market (since 2012, a new title “Araby Magazine” is used).

My first reminiscence: A half of 80’s. – my first auction of Arabian horses in Janów Podlaski. It takes place lively and Marek Grzybowski, the auctioneer, gives a higher amount offered every moment and …when I expect his hammer blow, “Sold!” – silence falls and a warm voice begins a tale on the presented mare – this is the tale on beauty, pride, courage…”


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Author: Alina Sobieszak

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ARABY MAGAZINE NR – 2 – 2015 (10) – numer specjalny w całości poświęcony Pani Izabelli Pawelec Zawadzkiej