Honorary Patron: Henryk Woźniakowski (wnuk)


Guardians: Rodzina Henryka Woźniakowskiego

A breeder of English Thoroughbreds at Widzów Stud Farm. The best horses bred by him are as follows: a stallion Casanova, a mare Bastylia and a stallion Bałtyk. A painter.


Henryk Woźniakowski was born on 16 February 1895 in Polekarcice. He died on 12 July 1984 in Katowice.

In 1931, he leased Widzów Stud Farm from Franciszek Kobyliński. The stud farm presented the raggedness in this period.

Unused buildings were ruined and paddocks were ploughed. Once he made necessary repairs and investments, Henryk Woźniakowski moved the dams from his stud farm in Starzawa (near Medyka) to Widzów in 1932.

The best horse of his breeding was CASANOVA (born in Starzawa in 1927). He won prizes of total amount of PLN 284,000. The mare BASTYLIA and the stallion BAŁTYK were the best horses bred by Henryk Woźniakowski in the Widzów Stud Farm. Until the end of World War II, he kept the stud farm and the racing stable prosperously while giving employment and shelter to many people including Home Army soldiers in these hard times. In January 1945, Henryk Woźniakowski was forced to leave Widzów and the horses were plundered.

Author: Stanisław Deskur (1985)
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