Honorary Patron: Metropolitan Archbishop of Białystok, Dr. Józef Guzdek
(Field Bishop of the Polish Army 2010-2021)



A participant of the war 1920 as chaplain of 15th Regiment of Uhlans of Poznań. A former chaplain of 1st Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland. Murdered in Tver.


He was born on July 19, 1891 in Puszczykowo, Poznań district, as the son of Walenty and Agnieszka Motylak from home. He was murdered by NKVD officers in the Kalinin prison building in April 1940. He rests at the Polish War Cemetery in Miednoje.

He finished German Royal Grammar School in Poznań and Theological Seminary in Poznań and Gniezno. He received ordination on 29 December 1914. During education, he was an activist of Polish patriotic organizations. Since 1915 – a curate in Pniew and Kostrzyn. At the end of the World War I, he was incarnated as a chaplain to 7th Grenadier Regiment at German army. Since autumn 1918 – a curate in Kościan. During the Outbreak of Greater Poland – a chaplain of a cavalry force.

In June 1919, he was accepted as a military volunteer at Polish Army and was an active service chaplain having captaincy and addressed to 15th Regiment of Uhlans of Poznań and since December 1919, he was a parson of 14th Infantry Division to participate in Polish-Bolshevik war. He was honoured twice with Cross of Valour for his heroism at Lithuanian-Belorussian battle-front. (…)

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Author: Elżbieta Perec

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Czesław Wojtyniak and officers of the 15th Poznań Lancers Regiment. Photocopy of a photo provided by the Military Museum in Poznań.