Breeder: Stadnina Koni Nowy Dwór
Sponsor: Joanna Wyrzyk, Stanisław Chomiczewski

oo (Abu Afas – Carmen / Trypolis) born in 1953

One of 100 stars of Polish breeding and sport in the century past

First of all, this superb leading sire gave excellent mares. His lineage was characterized by not only the outstanding, modern beauty but also the great racing abilities.

Prof. Witold Pruski
(“Two centuries of Polish breeding of pure-bred Arabian horses (1778-1978) and its successes worldwide”):

“The bay stallion Abu Afas 1947 (Bad Afas – Gahdar) proved the first more famous horse bred in Nowy Dwór; he gave one of the most beautiful Arabian horses bred in Poland – fleabitten grey Comet 1953.”

Ignacy Jaworowski
– Director of Michałów Stud Farm within the period 1953 – 1997 (“My memories on Comet”):

“Comet proved the best Arabian stallion born in Poland after the World War II.

Roman Pankiewicz
– Arabian horses breeder 
(„COMET – THE BEST STALLION”, Koński Targ, December 2008):

“Comet was one of the best and most beautiful Arabian stallions born in Poland after the war. Rarely remarkably smooth movement of this horse while trotting strengthened impression of his advantages and beauty.”

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„Dwa wieki polskiej hodowli koni arabskich (1778-1978) i jej sukcesy na świecie” (1983) – Witold Pruski

„Moje wspomnienie o Comecie” (1976) – Ignacy Jaworowski

„Comet – ogier nad ogierami” (2008) – Roman Pankiewicz