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Polish-Lithuanian-Cossack forces crossed Ottoman Army’s path near the town Chocim. The siege ended with a tactical victory of the army of Republic of Poland.

The Chocim war was the greatest defensive operation in the history of Republic of Poland; it was the greatest position warfare (…).

Chodkiewicz and his staff used natural obstacles in their defence system skilfully. They coupled forces of infantry and artillery fire with field fortifications and surprised the enemy repeatedly.

Chodkiewicz, the creator of the victorious strategy and Commander-in Chief, did not live to see the end of the siege. On 23rd September, while moribund, he handed the mace to the regimentarz (commander-General) Stanisław Lubomirski and folded his hands in prayer. He could whisper only: In manus tuas Domine.

He died on the next day.

His subordinates fought off two onslaughts more; then Ottomans decided to talk and the talks ended with a peace accord on 9th October. The defeated sultan moved on south and his conqueror – in a coffin – was taken to Kamieniec Podolski.

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Author: Michael Morys Twarowski

– „Polscy Bogowie Wojny” (Polish Gods of War) (2019) [fragments] – Editorial staff, ZNAK Publishing House (Honorary Patron PLPJ).
– „Chocim 1621” (1988) – Leszek Podhorodecki, Ministry of Defence’s Publishing House (at present, the rights belong to the Honorary Patron PCBJ), Bellona Publishing House).

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