Honorary Patron: Waldemar Dąbrowski, Wojciech Ginko


Guardians: Joanna and Michał Lustyk

Polish artist – a painter, a sculptor, a business graphics specialist. The second in history official artist of Kentucky Derby (U.S.A.). An art visionary (


He was born in Warsaw on 15/07/1940.

Studies at Academy of Arts in Warsaw. Honours degree at faculty of painting and graphics in 1965. He did painting, sculpture and business graphics.

He had more than 40 individual exhibitions home and abroad, among others in: the United States (New York, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia), Germany, Sweden, Finland, France and Australia.

He gained 25 awards for his creativity in poster and painting field including 8 in competitions organized by Polish Olympic Committee.

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„Nie tylko konie” (2020) – Bogusław Lustyk

„o ty, piękno konia” (1987) – Bogusław Lustyk, Joanna Lustyk

„koniki, kucyki, konie” (1991) – Bogusław Lustyk, Joanna Lustyk

„Lustyk – life and art” (2008) – Bogusław Lustyk

„Jeździecka Dolina Zbrosławice” (2018) – Wojciech Ginko

Koń z pod palca – Bogusław Lustyk | FILM

Bogusław Lustyk – Wizjoner Sztuki | PCBJ

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