Honorary Patron: Piotr Serafin

Sponsor: Małopolska Hodowla Roślin Spółka z o.o.

Guardian: Klikowa Arabians Horse Stud

A cavalryman, a breeder, a traveller. One of visionaries of racing and Arabian horses breeding in Poland. He died god-forsake, lonely.


Bogdan Ziętarski’s life history can be adapted for the screen, with horses in the foreground.

He was born in 1884 at the family property in Rabe near Ustrzyki Dolne.

Upon termination of World War I, he leased Czaple estate where he founded a thoroughbred stud farm of five mares.

He kept a racing stable that moved up in the world (Warsaw, Lvov). In 1922, at the magazine “Rider and Breeder”, he presented the idea of foundation of the stud book for pure-bred Arabians. He proposed a performance test for Arabian horses in a form of racing.

The outstanding pure-bred horse expert that bought the desert stallion KUHAILAN HAIFI Kosmopolita and showed him to the world; racing and the Arabian horse breeding in Poland owe him a lot.

Bogdan Ziętarski died from heart at the hospital in Milicz on 14/02/1958 and was buried at the local parish cemetery. Everything indicates that today his grave doesn’t exist any longer.

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