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31/08/1920, a centenary of the ‘Miracle on the Vistula river’.
1st Mounted Army of S. Budionny was stopped under the strategic Zamość and blown apart.


The battle under Komarów started on 31 August 1920 with Gen. Stanisław Haller’s command addressed to the commander of 1st DJ, colonel Juliusz Rómmel; the command pointed out the action direction towards Cześniki. Over there, the forces of 1st Mounted Army (withdrawn from under Zamość) were located. Budionny’s staff was stationed in Niewirków.

Polish cavalry victory under Komarów was a result of the battle carried out splendidly in respect of tactics. Polish officers’ corps merited the very high mark. This concerns especially manoeuvres at a battlefield. Co-operation between the division staff and its brigades was on the very high level. Mobility and team-work of individual troops resulted from their experience acquired in battles of the war in 1920. Commanders of different levels promoted initiatives of their subordinates depending on situation at a battle-field. The above in combination with co-operation and synchronization of actions of individual combat arms, i.e., a cavalry attack and heavy machine-guns (machine-gun carriages) and artillery fire allowed success in spite of the enemy superiority in number.

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Author: Piotr Kurowski

source: „Bitwa zamojska 1920” (2018) – Piotr Kurowski, Bellona Publishing House

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