Breeder: Stadnina Koni Albigowa
Sponsor: Petroniusz Frejlich

oo (stallion) born in 1956 | bred at Albigowa Stud Farm
Witraż – Bałałajka / Amurath Sahib

Bask, born in 1956 at Albigowa Stud Farm, is one of the most famous Polish pure-bred Arabian horses worldwide. He was sold to Lasma Arabians Stud (U.S.A.) in 1961 and created a “new standard of Arabian breed” therein. Today, 90% of pure-bred horses born in U.S.A. have Bask’s blood in their pedigrees.

Mr Roman Pankiewicz, a breeder at Albigowa Stud Farm in the fifties, emphasised that he was not a breeder of Bask but the Lord himself was.

Bask descended aristocratic Arabian foundation stocks. His sire Witraż was the best representative of Kuhailan Haifi’s foundation stock (Witeź II, Wielki Szlem, Wyrwidąb). His dam Bałałajka gave birth to the most beautiful mare in Polish post-war breeding – Bandola – that was called the Janów Queen.

In Arabian horse breeding, Bask was this very horse that made a contribution to formation the famous worldwide definition “pure Polish” that is the best ‘visiting card’ of a horse bred in Poland or descendent from Polish parents.

Bask died on 24/07/1979 but is still alive in his offspring’s successes. This stallion’s history is absolutely singular and it is a living legend all the time.

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