Wprowadzone przez Artur Bober

Zbigniew Prus-Niewiadomski

A soldier of 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment, AK. A participant of Warsaw Uprising and ‘Storm Operation’, an initiator of rebirth of the carriage sport and long-distance rides in Poland. An outstanding expert of driving competition.

Wojciech Kossak

An art visionary. A painter. A graduate of the Art Schools in Cracow and Munich. He is an author of such works as: ‘Olszynka Grochowska’, ‘Attack of 5th Zamojscy Uhlans Regiment’, ‘Uhlan’s rest’.


An English Thoroughbred. Silver medal in the team competition and placed sixth individually at Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. He was placed sixth at the Great Award of Aachen 1981.

Wiesław Hartman

Silver team medalist of the Olympic Games Moscow 1980, multiple medalist of the Polish Show jumping Championships. Riding instructor.

Michał Toczek

A soldier, a major, an artilleryman. A rider and a trainer. Honoured with, among others, the Cross of Valour three times. A winner of PN, New York 1926, Nice 1926, on Hamlet 2.20. (a runner up)


An excellent Polish stipler, who won over 13.6 million CZK during his 10-year career. Trainer – Čestmir Olehla, owner – WRBNA Racing (1999 – 2016), BoberTeam (2016).

Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Grand Hetman of Lithuania. One of the most prominent noblemen and military commanders of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth of his era.

Battle of Khotyn 1621

Polish-Lithuanian-Cossack forces stood in the way of the Ottoman army near the village of Chocim. The siege ended with a tactical victory for the Polish army.

Michał Gutowski

An Olympian. A cavalry captain, 17th Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland. A knight of, among others, Virtuti Militari, Legion of Honour, Polish Cross of Valour 5 times A retired general.