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He started his sports career under Piotr Wawryniuk in 1966. Participant of two Olympics, champion and runner-up of Polish Championships in jumping, 18 times participant of the Nations Cup.

Andre Pater

Born in Wrocław in 1953 as Andrzej Pater, he grew up in Kraków and graduated from the Academy of Arts. Since 1981, he has lived and worked in the United States, and since 1988, in Kentucky, famous for its thoroughbred horse breeding.

Kazimierz Pułaski

A hero of the struggle for freedom of two nations, Polish and American, a general and a hero of the war for independence of the USA. Called „the father of the American cavalry”. In 1929, the U.S. Senate established the “General Pulaski Memorial Day” on October 11.

Polski Związek Jeździecki

On 27/05/1927, a Hippodrome with bleachers for 5000 spectators was opened in Łazienki Królewskie. The arena was designed by Józej Główczewski (a designer of stables at Stallion Depots in Łąck and Białka) that was modelled after Monte Pincio Hippodrome in Rome.

Tadeusz Sokołowski

Triple medallist of Championships of Poland, 2nd Vice-Champion of the Army (1935), Olympian of Olympic Games in Berlin 1936 (with Zbieg II), the head of the equestrian section of WKS Legia (1937-1939).

Zygmunt Waliszewski

The best Polish driver of four-in-hand. Tenfold gold medallist of Championships of Poland. Elevenfold medallist of European Championships and World Championships. The only Pole entered into the Glory Wall in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle).

Jan Ludwiczak

Patron and organizer of sports: football, cycling, speedway, motorboating and now riding as well. Founder of Agro-Handel Śrem Equestrian Club, the best club in Poland for several years.

Robert Woronowicz

Officer of Polish Army, speciality – the representative cavalry. Cavalry Training Instructor. Riding instructor of Polish Equestrian Association and physical recreation instructor with a speciality of riding. Founder and trainer of Volunteer Cavalry since 1993

Wiesław Dziadczyk

II Vice-Champion of Poland in show jumping. A trainer in the stud farms Kozienice, Klikowa and Pruchna. A rider who jumped an obstacle “wall” 2.20 m on the mare Via Vitae. To this day, this record of height on this type of obstacle is not beaten in Poland.