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Wiesław Hartman

Silver team medalist of the Olympic Games Moscow 1980, multiple medalist of the Polish Show jumping Championships. Riding instructor.

Michał Toczek

A soldier, a major, an artilleryman. A rider and a trainer. Honoured with, among others, the Cross of Valour three times. A winner of PN, New York 1926, Nice 1926, on Hamlet 2.20. (a runner up)


An excellent Polish stipler, who won over 13.6 million CZK during his 10-year career. Trainer – Čestmir Olehla, owner – WRBNA Racing (1999 – 2016), BoberTeam (2016).

Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Grand Hetman of Lithuania. One of the most prominent noblemen and military commanders of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth of his era.

Battle of Khotyn 1621

Polish-Lithuanian-Cossack forces stood in the way of the Ottoman army near the village of Chocim. The siege ended with a tactical victory for the Polish army.

Michał Gutowski

An Olympian. A cavalry captain, 17th Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland. A knight of, among others, Virtuti Militari, Legion of Honour, Polish Cross of Valour 5 times A retired general.

Marek Zaleski

Jeździec, hodowca, trener, działacz Polskiego Związku Jeździeckiego. Jeden z architektów legendy polskiego powożenia.