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Urszula i Jerzy Białobokowie

Outstanding breeders of Polish Arabs. During their operation, Michałów Stud Farm received the Prize of President of the Republic of Poland from Aleksander Kwaśniewski (2001).

Jerzy Iwanowski

A soldier, a cavalryman, an officer of the 1st Armoured Division commanded by Gen. Maczek. A creator of a Lipizza Horses riding school in Johannesburg.

Marian Kowalczyk

Son of a cavalryman, a soldier from 25th Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland. 13 times medallist of Championships of Poland in dressage and show jumping. The first Pole who prepared a horse for competitions of Grand Prix class. A coach of Polish Olympic Team for Olympic Games Moscow 1980 that won a gold medal (individually) and a silver medal (as a team). A graduate of Coach Study Centre at Academy of Physical Education in Poznań.

Stanisław Ledóchowski

A critic, a scenographer, a journalist, an author of verses, A custodian of memory about 1st Light Cavalry Regiment of J. Piłsudski at Romanticism Museum in Opinogóra. A laureate of the prize of Zygmunt Krasiński’s name. Well-deserved for Polish culture.

Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski

The first Uhlan of II Republic of Poland. A doctor, a poet, a polyglot, a cavalryman, Józef Piłsudski’s adjutant. Polish Army General. An ambassador of Republic of Poland in Rome. He died tragically in New York. His bones were sepulchred at Rakowicki Cemetery in Cracow.

Marian Kozicki

A silver medallist of Olympic Games Moscow 1980 A quadruple participant of Olympic Games. Gold, silver (twice) and bronze (twice) medallist of Championship of Poland in show jumping.

Strzegom Stud Farm

The first mares xx came to the stud farm in 1956. The facility Żółkiewka was adapted for them. In 1972, the stud farm had already 75 mares xx and a department Skarżyce was brought into operation.