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The first auction of pure-bred Arabians, in Poland and Europe, was organized by Pedigree Animals Breeding Federation, Foreign Trade Headquarters Animex and Farm Animals Turnover Federation at the premises of the Stud Farm in Janów Podlaski on 5.06.1970.

43 horses bred in stud farms Janów Podlaski and Michałów were presented during the auction including 18 stallions, 15 three-year and older mares, 7 two-year mares and 3 one-year fillies.

The stallions were shown in three categories. Five stallions (Espartero, Gazda, Ariel, Kumys, Cebion) prepared at Stallions’ Depot Kwidzyń by eng. Andrzej Orłoś were presented in typical American competitions Park Horse and English Pleasure, and then in five-in-hand driven splendidly by their trainer himself. The stallions Pentagon, Elfur, Złotnik, Dambor, Doman and Litawor, trained at the Racecourse in Warsaw, were prepared for flat races. (…)

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Author: edit. of Koń Polski (Polish Horse) magazine

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„Pierwsza aukcja koni czystej krwi arabskiej” (1970) – Artykuł własny redakcji czasopisma „Koń Polski”


Five Arabian stallions led by their trainer – A. Orłos; drawbars: left – Kumys (Negatiw – Cumparsita), right – Ariel (Sędziwój – Arfa), commanders: left – Cebion, middle – Espertero, right – Gazda. Photo: Zofia Raczkowska
Og. Cebion (Negtiw – Celia) presented by Eng. Andrzej Orłos according to the accepted rules of showing horses in America. Photo: Zofia Raczkowska
Og. Bajdak (Comet – Bajdara) bred by the Horse Stud in Janów Podlaski, purchased to the USA for 30 thousand dollars. Photo: Zofia Raczkowska