Bredeer: Stadnina Koni Janów Podlaski
Sponsor: M&A Profesjonalne Parkury

xo (wałach) ur. 19xo (gelding) born in 1969 | property of Polish Army / bred at Janów Podlaski Stud Farm | Eros xx – Artemiza / Equator

This is a Polish horse whereon Jan Kowalczyk won a gold Olympic medal in show jumping and a silver team Olympic medal at Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980.

As Jan Kowalczyk remembers: “Artemor was not so high horse (163 cm at withers). He was characterized by his jocundity, vivacity and limitless energy. I got him from Sopot in 1978 in exchange for three other horses transferred by Legia.”

Hence, Jan Kowalczyk used to mount him until 1984; the pair won an Olympic competition and 8 CSIO competitions. Kowalczyk represented Polish colours at the Nations Cup.

In Poland, he won also:
Championship of Poland in show jumping – 1979
Championship of Poland in show jumping – 1980
Vice-Championship of Poland in show jumping – 1981
Championship of Poland in show jumping – 1982

In December 1984, Artemor fell ill in encephalitis and, as a consequence, he was euthanatized.

He was chosen as a century horse during the public vote for the best horse of the project #winners100stars, Cavaliad

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Jan Kowalczyk – Artemor – IO Moskwa 1980 | FILM