Breeder: Antoni Potocki

xo chestnut (Bafur — Blackfish) born 1928, died 09/1939; breeder: Antoni Potocki

It was rare for the rider in Polish cavalry in the interwar period to choose his horse himself.

In 1935, after he won the individual Army Champion, the lieutenant Henryk Leliwa-Roycewicz could choose a horse to be bought for him by Ministry of Military Affairs.

Roycewicz found Arlekin III by chance during hunting in Łańcut with Count Potocki. The horse originated from the stud farm in Łańcut. He was disobedient and hard to manage horse. He caused trouble to his owner so he traded him away readily.

Roycewicz perceived uncommon, all around sports abilities of the horse and his stubborn character appeared his advantage in the sports fight.

Henryk Roycewicz made his greatest sports successes on this horse.

The outstanding English Thoroughbred, Bafur, was the sire of Arlekin III.

Bafur xx was born in Veil Stud Farm in 1921. Department of Horse Breeding of Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reforms acquired him from Germany within the revindication settlement. Since 1927, he mated in Łańcut (Albigowa), at Kozienice Stud Farm, at Michał Berson’s stud farms in Leszno and at Janusz Czarnecki’s stud farms in Golejewko. Bafur’s offspring was characterized with big mass but without nobility. Arlekin’s dam was Blackfish, American Standard Bred, the horse of perfect racing and breeding career. In Albigowa, she gave birth to 15 foals and her offspring proved correct in rallies.

Arlekin succeeded to his parents’ advantages. He had the large frame, height at withers 171 cm, excellent joints but his legs were rather tall and his neck was relatively short. Excellent in canter, he covered large area and easily overcame the broadest obstacles.

He was killed in the neighbourhood of Kalwaria mountain during German bombing in September 1939.

Renata Urban: Riders – Olympians of Druga Rzeczpospolita Gorzów Wielkopolski 2012
Senior custodian Hanna Łysakowska: Polish Olympic riders of the interwar period, Part 2, Berlin 1936, THREE DAYS’ EVENT
The materials of the meeting at Łazienki Królewskie on 16th December 2018. Hunting and Horse-Riding Museum, the Department of Łazienki Królewskie Museum. Warsaw, 2019

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