Honorary Patron: Elżbieta Orłoś

Sponsors: PTTK Skrzyczne shelter
Andrzej Lohman, Zofia Lohman-Ndou, Arber Ndou

Guardians: Andrzej Orłos’s family and his grandchildren Maksymilian, Karolina and Zofia

An Olympian. A Champion of Poland in Dressage, Show Jumping and Three Days’ Event. A breeder. A coach of Polish National Team in show jumping and Polish Olympic Team in Three Days’ Event.


He was born in Albigowa on 16 February 1934. He died on 29 April 2018 in Bielsko-Biała and was buried in Sopot.


„(…) His father: Bolesław. His mother: Erika Siarkiewicz from home. His sister: Danuta. His brothers: Marcin and Wojciech. His wife: Karolina Soja from home. His daughter: Elżbieta. His son: Marek.

A graduate of Agricultural and Technical Academy in Olsztyn. A manager of Training Institute in Kwidzyń. An assistant director of the Stud Farm in Plękity. A Horse Breeding Inspector of Horse Breeding Federation for Northern Poland.

A director of the Stud Farms in Kadyny and Rzeczna. A competitor of Country Sports Club in Kwidzyń.

The history of Poland designated an engineer position among horses with its painful points, meanders, suffering.”


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Author: Witold Duński


„His inadequate weight – more than 70 kg; his inadequate height – 180 cm; but he insisted to become a jockey. Already as a pupil of a grammar school, he got up at half past three(!) every day to mount back several horses at Służewiec in Warsaw.

When in a secondary school, he spent his free time on racing, too. However, all that was not enough to start in real races. This was a legal right of permanent employees of Jockey Club only. He could take advantage of this only after obtaining the secondary-school certificate (1951) when he started working at Stanisław Pasternak‘s racing stable (he wished to study zootechnics but was refused to accept due to his landowners’ origin).”

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Author: Piotr Dzięciołowski


„(…) After Tomaszewski’s departure, Andrzej Orłoś, the enthusiastic and keen on horses manager of Training Institute dealt with trainings. Thereat, he did not throw up his competitor’s career. In addition, he dealt with driving and taught even Bao Day, a full-bred horse, to go in team. (…)

Thanks to Orłoś and Grabowski, new training fields and a grassy hippodrome came into being. A substantial amount of obstacles was built. (…)

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Author: Mieczysław Zagor

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